Individual Therapy
Individual psychotherapy sessions typically last 50 minutes and are held at least 1 time per week, depending on individual needs. Phone and video sessions can be arranged to allow for continuity of treatment. I focus on anxiety, grief, transitions, identity issues, cultural issues, and trauma. Trauma can show up in the body, emotions, thoughts, work and relationships. When I work with trauma, I consider how each person has been impacted not only by their own individual experiences but also by the systemic and cultural forces that affect each one of us.

Therapy for Children
Children often show us what they need through their behaviors. I use a combination of child-centered play therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) tailored for children to meet their needs. I often incorporate art therapy, playful role play, and self-soothing skills into the session, so kids can practice taking care of themselves well.  I also like to invite parents into session whenever possible if that works for the child and parent!

Therapy for Adolescents
Adolescence is often a time of exploration, changing identity, and growing emphasis on the importance of peer friendships. This time of exploration can sometimes look like confusion, changing personalities, and defiance. My hope is that therapy can be a safe place for your teen to explore and enjoy who they are to themselves, who they are in relation to their family and friends, and who they are in relation to the world as they prepare to launch into the world of young adulthood.

Parenting Support 
I offer parenting support to stand with you and guide you in supporting your child or adolescent with learning differences, ADHD symptoms, stressors, anxiety, and depression.  We’ll work together to understand your child’s challenges, identify concrete strategies to help your child, and ultimately, strengthen your relationship with your child so that everyone can enjoy the stability and warmth of connection again.

Therapy for Substance Abuse 
Perhaps you’re wondering if this is the right time to make changes. There comes a time when alcohol and drugs don’t work the way they used to. Maybe it’s making things worse rather than better, the way they used to. If you would like to be on a different course, I’d love to be a part of that change and accompany you through the process of lasting recovery.

I provide individual supervision on site for AMFTs, ASWs, and APCs at my office in Alameda, CA or remotely via video conferencing. I supervise from a perspective informed by social justice values, trauma theory, reflective supervision perspectives, and cultural humility values.  I welcome all pre-licensed, registered individuals seeking supervision.